Tristan Mitchell

Spartans, prepare for glory!

Arapahoe High School (Centennial, CO) - Metro State University (Denver, CO).
Running Accomplishments
Denver Marathon - 2:37:09, Colfax Half Marathon - 1:13:24, & Justice Run 10K - 33:49
Favorite Books
Becoming a Supple Leopard & Outliers
Favorite Movies
Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Captain America, & Thor
Favorite Sport Teams
Green Bay Packers, Denver Nuggets, Manchester United.
Favorite Superhero

Tristan Mitchell was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. He grew up playing sports throughout the early years of his youth, but by the time he reached high school he stopped playing organized sports and began to put on weight. When he was 17 years old, the seed for fitness had been planted in his mind and he began lifting weights. After graduating from Arapahoe High School he had a steady weight lifting regime but was hampered by a poor diet and a relatively low over all activity level. Weighing in at 215 pounds and climbing he knew a change had to be made.

After implementing diet changes, he began running three days per week for 15 minutes. As he started to lose weight and feel better, the mileage increased and ran his first 10k when he was 19. After that 10K, he was hooked on running and racing. Running slowly but surely became a fact of life for him and just before he turned 21 he ran his first marathon, the Denver Marathon in 2006 in a time of 3:19. While pleased, he knew he could do much better and vowed to put in a better effort in 2007. And that he did, he returned to the Denver Marathon and on a cold, rainy day, he ran a 2:53. At that finish line Tristan knew running would forever be a part of his life and he never looked back.

Tristan continued to evolve as a runner and athlete throughout his years in college at Metro State University and after graduating knew he wanted to work in the world of fitness. Driven by helping others achieve their own fitness goals, as he continues to pursue his own, Tristan works as a personal trainer and prides himself on his experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to motivate others.

Tristan has run a total of 13 marathons, with numerous high placing at both local marathons, Denver and Colfax. In 2013, he ran a PR at the Denver Marathon in a time of 2:37:09. You can check out his race results on Athlinks.

RunColo Training helped me to achieve a sub 3 hour marathon and a sub 1:20 half marathon with their training and guidance.  Their group runs on Sunday make the long 20 milers much more enjoyable, and their track workouts will make you faster and stronger than you thought you could be.  Thank you to not only these two great coaches, but what have also become two very good friends!
Nicole Chyr - Newton Team Elite