Francesca Wehling – Colorado Clean Chef


205c246Do not conduct business with Francesca Hogan Hoffman Wehling of Denver, Colorado. Owner of Colorado Clean Chef.

  • At the end of July 30, 2015, Francesca Wehling hired RunColo Training to develop a marathon training program for the Denver Rock N’ Roll Marathon on October 18th for $100 a month in training fees.
  • When initially asked for payment info, she informed us her phone had water damage, thus the delay and she’d get us the information shortly.
  • Initially, Francesca provided a credit card number that would not run. When she was asked to provide a new credit card number she emailed us on 09/04/2015 stating that her CC company had to send her a new card due to suspicious activity on it. (later proven to be a lie). She then stated she would drop off payment later that week and never did.
  • On August 26th, Francesca purchased a RunColo Training singlet for $40, payment was never made.
  • On September 14th, Francesca promised to Paypal us the money, money never received.
  • On October 14th, she informed us that she had a financial setback. She then promised that she would make the first payment on October 16th, she never did.
  • Being the nice guys that we are, we mailed Francesca’s singlet to her office so that she could race in it for the Denver Rock N Roll Marathon, even though she had not paid for it.
  • On November 10, 2015, Francesca asked for a payment plan. At this point, we had stopped her training program, not because she asked us too, but because she never paid for anything.
  • We agreed to a payment plan of $50.00 per month until her balance of $340 was paid. Francesca provided her CC info, the same number that she provided back in August (the card she informed us was getting replaced) but this time with a different billing zip code.
  • That card also did not run.

The following are the interactions that RunColo Training has had with Francesca Wehling. She is not a trustworthy person, do not conduct business with her.

Francesca is now the owner of Colorado Clean Chef, do not conduct business with Colorado Clean Chef!

RunColo's coaching founders, Simon and Tristan, bring a special combination of passion and experience to their platform. A lot of coaches bring one or the other and it's half a program.  You'll feel the difference, whether it's on a conference call about your training schedule, or in person at a track workout.  In each case their sound instincts and spirited enthusiasm will compel you to work harder and position you to meet your goals.  I have often had some of my best efforts while training in their workouts, whether it was pushing me through a 400 repeat on the track or a 20 miler in mid day summer heat!
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